Can I Interview You for My New Book?

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This is a quick, three-question online interview open to anyone regardless of age or profession, working or retired.
1. What did someone say to you that changed your life?
2. What event happened to you that changed your life?
3. What will be the last sentence in your autobiography?
This will be a free PDF book you can pass on to family, friends and followers when published.


Download this guide for submission with examples or you can submit your answers online here.

Whether you participate or not, I’m giving away PDF copies of some of my books below so you can see my writing style and other books I’ve written.
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Buy You Coffee?
150+ Sales Questions
I've Asked and Been Asked Over Coffee
FREE Download
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Courage Is Your Edge Over Experience and IQ
FREE Download
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Download for details and examples
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Rx: Humor Therapy
The Hard Truth Delivered with a Smile
FREE Download
Cover, Referral Strategies with changed
Referral Strategies
26 Gambits That Are More Fun - and Less Traumatic - Than Cold Calling
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Digital sales tools that get everyone in your company - sales, service, management, executives, administration - to use their social media, emails, newsletters and blogs to increase referrals, increase customer retention, and promote your services and products.