"She Said She Liked Me!"

Actor McLean Stevenson describing how his wife tricked him into marrying her

Three things people want:

1. To be liked

2. To be remembered

3. To have fun

The first thing those responsible for business development need and want: To get in front of potential customers. To do that they have to be liked. And they have to be remembered first when the customer is finally ready to do business.


If you're responsible for business development, learn how to give people what they want so you can get your foot in the door - and keep it there.

But don't worry. Even though they'll like you, bigamy is still a no-no and, unlike McLean Stevenson, you will not have to marry them all.

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Humor Me

Is your life one big faux pas? Socially awkward? Occasioned with embarrassing bloopers and blunders? Great! You're just the person we want. We're looking for original, personal humor to add to our OffKilter eCard collections. Learn how if you're game and want to become (somewhat?) famous.

Include Your Elevator Pitch with Your IG Posts

Believe it or not, most people have no idea what you do for a living. Use our Elevator Pitching 101 SwipeCards to clue them in. And see how a famous comic strip, Hollywood scriptwriters, a hypnotherapist and a Wizard can help you create your elevator pitches.

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