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Unlike other professions, entrepreneurs and salespeople don’t have a toolbox full of tools they can use to find new business, increase referrals and increase customer retention. But here are some proven digital tools that work. And they're guaranteed not to take you out of your comfort zone.

Free PDF Books

Include your free ad and email these books to everyone, including followers on social media, podcasts, newsletters and blogs. Email them to networkers, customers, prospects, vendors, trade show visitors, co-workers, friends and family. Let visitors download them from your website. Get everyone involved from sales, marketing, service, management, executives and administration. They’ll open doors to people, departments and branches that have been closed up until now. Learn how.

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Referral Strategies

26 Gambits That Are More Fun - and Less Traumatic - Than Cold Calling

If you know or work with entrepreneurs, business owners and salespeople, give them a copy of this book and show them how to take the mystery out of getting referrals.

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Courage Is Your Edge Over Experience and IQ

This is one of my 20-minute presentations I’ve given to hundreds of companies across the U.S. Learn how to get the courage to act from a Holocaust survivor, a famous comedic improv guru, a New Zealand rugby team, and the creator of SNL.

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Rx: Humor Therapy

The Hard Truth Delivered with a Smile

Humor is the truth sneaking up on tiptoes. Proof? “A tax audit is like a colonoscopy of your books. Except with a real colonoscopy you get drugs and pictures.” Another: “A great example of the ‘bait and switch’ is the résumé.” One more: “Like your keys, you’re not lost. You just don’t know where you are.”

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What Every Boss Wants

If You Were Me Would You Hire You?

The discovery I made in this book not only stopped me from getting fired from my job, but helped me to become our Fortune 1000 company division’s number one salesperson in the nation for three years. It’s the answer to the question, “What do you know now that you wish you’d have known earlier in life?”

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Quick. Smart. And ItsAlittleFunny Products Increase Referrals.

ItsAlittleFunny digital graphics (over 250 and counting) you can use with your social media, emails, newsletters, blogs, and website and when networking. They'll make you the most interesting person in the room.

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QuickRead! PDF books that can include your logo on the cover and your full-page ad that you can send to every customer, prospect, networker, vendor, co-worker, friend and family.

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PDF sales books that you can pass on to anyone you like.

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Books by Jerry on Amazon


Cold Calling for Cowards

How to Turn the Fear of Rejection into Opportunities, Sales, and Money

This is the book of my nationally acclaimed Cold Calling for Cowards® seminar I’ve trained thousands of businesspeople on.

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Buy You Coffee?

150+ Sales Questions I've Asked and Been Asked Over Coffee. With Answers You Can't Find on Google.

Even More Sales Tools

Subscribe free to the Bull Rider blog. This is a blog about doing, because the answers you’re looking for are in the process.

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Cold Calling Is Like a Colonoscopy without the Drugs

How You Can Find New Business with Courage, Cold Calling and a Few Less Invasive Techniques

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The Wickedly Fun Dictionary of Business

Words That Escaped Me Before My Brain Finished Downloading

Follow me on Instagram for how to put knowledge to use.

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​​Learn how to create an elevator pitch with what I learned from the creator of Dilbert, Hollywood script writers, the Wizard of Ads, and a hypnotherapist.

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