Referrals, Promotions and Customer


Our digital products of ItsAlittleFunny, Smartypants eCards and QuickRead! PDF books get your foot in the door. They get you referrals. They promote your services, products and you. They increase customer retention. They work for busy people. For lazy people. For people who don't want to get out of their comfort zone. But they don't work for incompetent people because, well, because they're incompetent.


Customers. Send ItsAlittleFunny to them first. Thank them for their continued business. They'll pass them on to department heads and branches you've never been able to crack. Use them to introduce new services and products. Have them follow you on your social media to receive new FuneContent posts.


Networking. Use your 30-second elevator speech to have members give you their business cards so you can put them on your contact list to send ItsAlittleFunny. Or give them your social media platforms to follow you to receive more.


Chambers, Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions Club, Churches, Fundraisers. Send ItsAlittleFunny to your members and groups you work with. Add to your following.

Woman Smiling in Suit


Trade shows. Download our digital products from your phone or tablet to visitors at your booth. They'll forward them to principals and co-workers not there. Get permission to add them to your contact list to receive more.


Social media. Post links on your platforms for followers to get your digital products. Post new content weekly or monthly. Definitely something they'll look forward to and re-post to their contacts.


Cold calls. Offer to send ItsAlittleFunny to everyone you meet, from principals to influencers to gatekeepers. They know hundreds of people you don't and will forward them to all their contacts.

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Call-ins. Don't let them get away without giving you their information. Offer to email ItsAlittleFunny to them so you can get that information.


Subscribers. Post on your Constant Contact, newsletter and blog how subscribers can receive more. In fact, ItsAlittleFunny can be your content (since it's a pain to come up with your own).


Website. Put a graphic on your site for how visitors can contact you or subscribe for your free ItsAlittleFunny.


Service and receptionist desks. Have information on their desks for how visitors can get ItsAlittleFunny and how they can follow you on your social media platforms to receive more.


Service people. When they're on service calls, have them download ItsAlittleFunny from their phone or tablets to your customers. Download copies inviting them to follow you on social media to receive more.


Email. Put information on all employee email signature lines for how recipients (customers, prospects, vendors, friends, etc.) can get ItsAlittleFunny and how to follow your social platforms to receive more on a regular basis.