Walking a Tightrope without a Net

What It Feels Like to Be an Entrepreneur or a Salesperson

Entrepreneurs are salespeople, salespeople are entrepreneurs. People willing to bet on themselves are hard to find.


entrepreneur, n.

  1. Every day is a search for new ways to find new business, because everyone’s job is on the line.

  2. They see every try – failure or success – as a piece of the puzzle. Every piece is important. Every piece is necessary. Every piece counts.

  3. Despite the risks, they believe they will always find a way.

  4. See salesperson.


salesperson, n.

          See entrepreneur.


If this is you, I can help; because this is me, too. I can show you proven tools, techniques and ideas that work, but you have to use them to make them work. Go ahead. Explore the site. Try something new. Find a piece of the puzzle that works for you.

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This is a blog about the doing, because the answers you're looking for are in the process.

Go to the blog, search in the "Influence and Persuasion" posts, and see a persuasion technique used by you - and on you - every day that you're not even aware of: You Can Play with Your Roadkill, but Don't Eat It. 

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