Walking a Tightrope without a Net

What It Feels Like to Be an Entrepreneur or a Salesperson

Entrepreneurs are salespeople, salespeople are entrepreneurs. People willing to bet on themselves are hard to find.


entrepreneur, n.

  1. Every day is a search for new ways to find new business, because everyone’s job is on the line.

  2. They see every try – failure or success – as a piece of the puzzle. Every piece is important. Every piece is necessary. Every piece counts.

  3. Despite the risks, they believe they will always find a way.

  4. See salesperson.


salesperson, n.

          See entrepreneur.

If this is you, I can help; because this is me, too. Unlike other professions, entrepreneurs and salespeople don’t have a toolbox full of tools they can use to find new business. But here are some to add to your collection.


Digital tools you can use with your social media, newsletters, blogs, podcasts and website and send in your emails to increase referrals and customer retention and to use when networking. Their purpose is to make people look forward to following you because you’re entertaining and educating them and they’ll want to pass your information on to their contacts. That, and they’ll make you the most interesting person in the room.

Offkilter Instagram ecards that are humorous and thoughtful.

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Smartypants ecards with or without your contact information.

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FREE PDF Download

of Jerry Hocutt's
Gutsy: Courage Is Your Edge Over Experience and IQ

FREE PDF Download

of Jerry Hocutt's
Rx: Humor Therapy - the Hard Truth Delivered with a Smile

For a limited time, and for free, you can personalize your own copies of Gutsy and Rx:Humor Therapy with your logo on the cover and full-page ad inside. Then post them on your social media for followers to request their own copies. Email as many as you want to customers, prospects, networkers, vendors, friends and family. Learn how.

QuickRead! PDF ebooks that can include your logo on the cover and your full-page ad that you can send to every customer, prospect, networker, vendor, co-worker, friend and family.

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What Every Boss Wants Cover with weather
Subtle Persuasion Cover with FD logo 11.

OPE (Other People’s Experiences) PDF ebooks that you can pass on to anyone you like.

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​​Learn how to create an elevator pitch with what I learned from the creator of Dilbert, Hollywood script writers, the Wizard of Ads, and a hypnotherapist.



Go ahead. Explore the site. Try something new. Find a piece of the puzzle that works for you.

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