Submission Requirements

Question #1: In 600 characters or less (approximately 100 words) state what was said to you in the first sentence and put it in “italics”. Then (optional) expand on what changed.

Question #2: In 600 characters or less (approximately 100 words) state what event changed your life and (optional) how it affected you.

Question #3: Write the last sentence that would be in your autobiography.

Interview Submission

Thank you for your submission

Interview Guide 2.jpg
  1. You don’t need to answer all three questions. Answering one or two is fine.

  2. You can come back anytime and make more submissions to questions one and two because many things are said, many events occur that are constantly changing our lives.

  3. Your name is included with your submissions and in the book. If you include your city and state in the form, they’ll be included in the book.

  4. We do not create, correct or edit your submissions. We don’t expect you to be an English major, writer or author. It’s your words and how you express yourself that makes this book unique and authentic.

  5. Many but not all answers and contributors will be included in the book. You will be notified when yours is accepted. Your name will be included with your answers.

  6. This will be a free PDF book that you can pass on to anyone you like. Since it is a PDF book, we’ll include up to three social media links (optional) readers can click on to follow or contact you.

  7. If you have family, friends, co-workers, or social media followers who would like to contribute, feel free to forward our website and the guide for submission to them.

  8. None of your information is sold, given to, or shared with anyone except what is in the book.

Download for details and examples