Free PDF Books with Your Free Ads

For a limited time, I’m making some of my PDF books available for free for you to give to anyone you like. And you can include a free full-page ad for yourself or your company.


Why the freebies? As explained in my book Referral Strategies (also free!), this is a cross-promotion program I’ve used successfully in my seminars and speaking business for decades that gets referrals for every participant and increases goodwill. In return for providing you free books and ads, I include a one-page ad for my website. Voilà! Cross-promotion.


Post the books on your social media, blog, newsletter, podcast and website for your followers to contact you for their free copies. Email them to customers, prospects, networkers, vendors, trade show attendees, co-workers, friends and family. They’ll get your foot in the door, find new business, increase referrals and increase customer retention.


Ad requirements

  1. Email us two identical ads in either .jpg or .png. Make one size 6”x9”. The second size 5”x7”. Because the books are two different sizes this will cause less confusion when we’re placing them in the books you select.

  2. Email: Put “Cross-Promotion Ads” on the subject line. Include your name, company name, and email address.

  3. Note: We do not create or edit ads but place them “as is” on the first page behind the cover of the books so it’s the first thing your recipients see.


Allow three business days to customize your books. Once completed we will email them to you to distribute however you want. There is no limit to how many you can send out. Make sure we’re on your approved “senders’ list” to avoid having your ebooks go into your spam folder. Since the books are copyrighted no changes, additions, or deletions are permitted.

Cover, Referral Strategies with changed
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Cover without logo 16.jpg
Free PDF download 1.png
Cover, no logo, blue, black border 1.jpg
Free PDF download 1.png
What Every Boss Wants Cover without  log
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