Give People What They Want

It's not much, and it is easy

In conclusion (don’t you wish everybody started here?): You have to give people a reason to like you and remember you to get and keep their business and to give you referrals. (Why? How? Proof? Read on to dig deeper.)

People want to be liked


“The number one rule for salespeople is to show customers that you genuinely like them,” says psychologist Robert Cialdini in his two books, Influence and Pre-Suasion. Liking is one of his six factors to win people over. What’s important, he found, is that “liking is increased by the frequent positive contacts you have with others.” Harvard psychologist Dr. Nalini Ambady found that 71% of the purchasing decision is based upon the customer liking and trusting the person they’re doing business with. Famed attorney Clarence Darrow said, "The main work of a trial attorney is to make a jury like his client."


People want to be remembered


Joe Girard (the Guinness Book of World Records number one car salesperson in the world) was cited by Cialdini for how to use the liking technique when combined with his getting remembered technique. Girard understood that to increase customer retention and get referrals he had to get his customers to remember him first when talking with their friends about new cars. Girard’s technique? Every month he sent 13,000 cards (this was before personal computers, email and the Internet) to his customers with this simple message: “I like you. Joe Girard.” No trying to sell a new car. No promotions. Just, “I like you. Joe Girard.” People liked him back. Remembered him. Bought from him. Gave him referrals.


People want to have fun


Foot in the Door takes Robert Cialdini’s liking research, embodies Joe Girard’s getting remembered technique, and fuses them with our digital products that give humor, help and hope. Everyone in your company - sales, marketing, management, administration, service - can use the digital content with their social media and emails to increase your customer retention, increase your referrals, and promote your services and products. ItsAlittleFunny use quick, quirky content to post on your social media platforms. The Smartypants eCards and the QuickRead! PDF eBooks are two products that you can personalize with your own advertising and promotions. Send any of these products to customers, prospects, social media followers, networkers, vendors, trade show visitors, co-workers, friends and family as you want. There is no limit.


You’ll be liked. Remembered. Have fun. And it won’t take you out of your comfort zone.

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