Yes, You Can Make Business Development Fun

Choose from over 250 OffKilter eCards to post on your social media, send with emails, and post on your blog and website. Give your contacts and followers another reason to look at you, remember you, and tell their friends about you. You can even personalize them with the Elevator Pitching 101 SwipeCards to explain what your service or product does, or what makes you different.

Special Introductory Price - only $1 each


Truths not found on motivational posters.

K2 An Introvert's Dream 1.jpg
K16 The Audience 1.jpg


Unbalanced definitions? Probably. But go ahead, Lukitup.

L2 Beer Pong 1.jpg
L6 Finger Quotes 2.jpg

Rx Humor Therapy

The best stress reliever.

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H4 Man Up 1.jpg


Humor is the truth sneaking up on tiptoes.

S3 Another Way to Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
S5 Brain Dead 1.jpg

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