Here’s What Makes This Pitch Different

Sometimes it makes us uncomfortable to disagree with someone and we’ll just let their opinion or argument slide and not stake out our position. Joe Vitale (Buying Trances) has a good way to present your side of the argument and win others over. For example, he says, buyers are often in a trance. “All vendors are the same” is a trance.

Joe said that what the salesperson has to do is move the client from his trance to the salesperson’s trance in three steps.

  1. Identify his trance. (“All vendors are the same.”)

  2. Agree with his beliefs to gain rapport.

  3. Lead his belief to your offer. (New trance.)

Easy example. “All baseball pitches are the same,” your Little Leaguer says.

“Yes,” you agree, “they certainly all look alike.”

Then show your child the four-seam fastball grip. “This pitch will appear to rise when it’s not because it’s not dropping as fast as the batter’s brain thinks it should.”

Next, show your two-seam fastball grip. “What makes this pitch different is it’s slightly slower and causes the baseball to change directions.”

I accidentally did this Vitale three-step before knowing about it when working for McCaw Communications in the 1980’s selling pagers. (Craig McCaw, the pioneer of cell phones, was just introducing mobile phone service in the mid-80’s). Since our competitors, like us, used the same Motorola and NEC pagers we were constantly told we all “look alike”. No difference.

So one day I took several of our field technicians to lunch to ask them what made us different. What they told me helped me to become McCaw’s number one salesperson in the nation for three years.

Paging customer: “You all look alike.”

Me: “Yes, we all use Motorola and NEC pagers.” (Agree.)

“But, it’s what you don’t see that makes us different. Our nearest competitor has only twelve transmitters along the I-5 corridor in western Washington to alert your pagers. We have 101 transmitters covering the same territory to make sure you don’t miss any pages in the valleys, and in the forested and mountainous areas. That’ll save you time and money from wasted or missed trips to see your customers on sales and service calls.” (Changed their trance.)

If you do your homework you can change people’s trances to change their beliefs and be confident doing it.

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