I’m Not in the Mood

Decisions are based upon emotions. Harvard psychologist Jennifer Lerner said that if she can read your mood, she can predict your decision. She can also create the mood she wants to influence the decision she wants you to make.

As salespeople, the majority of prospects we call on are not in the mood to buy. If it’s in the prospect’s best interest, it’s our job to put them in the mood. How? Look at the great speakers. Singers and songwriters. Actors. Coaches. Teachers. Writers.

How do they change people’s moods and get them in the mood to “buy” what they’re selling? They tell stories. Stories of conflict. Stories of problems. Once you’re “into” the story, in the buying mood, they make a simple suggestion – their solution to the problem – that leads to a better decision.

Your stories can be long – or short. Fact or fiction.

A woman new to sales attended one of our San Francisco seminars. Approaching me at the end of the day she told me she was new to sales, she was just out of college, and she didn’t know if she’d make it in sales because everyone had more experience than her. That, and the customers she was calling on intimidated her because of their titles.

I told her, “Look, if I’m in a wreck on the freeway, my car is on fire and you pulled me out and saved me, I don’t care how old or experienced you are. If you want to help me when I need help, you’ve got my attention.” She said she never looked at it that way, shook my hand, and left with a smile and more confidence.

So the next time someone tells you they’re not in the mood, share a story.

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