Laughing in the Face of Failure

“The most important thing you learn is how to fail – because most all of what you do is fail.” – Comedienne Tina Fey telling NBC’s Brian Williams why performing improv at Second City was the most fun of her life

New York Yankees great Derek Jeter said that, “Baseball is a game of failure. You fail seven out of ten times and you’re considered great.”

Learn how to fail like baseball players. Draw a picture of a batter’s box on a Post-It note, put the number .342 in it, and keep it by your phone or computer. That was Babe Ruth’s lifetime batting average. Lou Gehrig’s was .340. That meant they failed 66% of the time. But they became legends.

The picture of the batter’s box is to remind you that you’ve got to be a player. You’ve got to step up to the plate, by yourself. You’ve got to take your swings, by yourself. You’ve got to learn your lessons, by yourself. But first, you’ve got to give yourself the opportunity.

Change your pictures. Change your feelings. Change your attitude. Change your actions. Change your results.