Stop and Read This

The Millionaires’ Magician Steve Cohen (Win the Crowd) illustrates how to use his layered command technique to use words in a certain pattern to persuade.

If you give a single command to your daughter to “Put down your phone”, you’ll be ignored. What Cohen said to do is quickly add a second command with the connecting word and, and you’ll increase your odds of getting what you want.

People try to resist single commands Cohen says. But when you add a second command you overwhelm them with so much information they simply obey both.

Instead, state “Put down your phone and talk to me.” She may roll her eyes as she looks up, but she will interrupt what she’s doing to give you her attention.

My Air Force drill sergeant never said “Give me ten.” Instead, “Drop and give me ten.” Want that report on your desk in the morning? “Complete your budget request and have it on my desk by nine tomorrow.” State troopers have it down pat: “License and registration.”

Cohen’s formula is [Command] and [Command].

If you don’t believe this’ll work, go back and look at the title.

(Oops, did it again.)

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