What's Inside


How to...

  • tell if you're meeting a top-level decision maker and how to talk with them

  • avoid letting others dominate or intimidate you with their handshake

  • avoid turning off decision makers with your handshake

  • tell if someone is insincere and may be setting you up for a fall

  • get someone to trust you in seconds and not even know what just happened

  • come across as equals even when you're not

  • avoid the handshake that can eliminate you before you open your mouth

  • tell if your handshake makes others uncomfortable

  • shake hands with a stranger that could lead to an FBI investigation

Beware the Handshake! The Games People Play

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  • "Thank goodness we read Beware the Handshake! The Games People Play before shaking hands with Donald J. Trump on his visit. We were on to him."
           - A Queen and a Chancellor off the record so they could speak freely