Download the free Word document “Instructions for How to Submit Your Elevator Pitch” at our website. You must place your order before submitting your elevator pitch to us.




Elevator Pitching 101 SwipeCards are Instagram compatible and can be used with any of our OffKilter eCards. They are a perfect way to explain what your product does or what makes you different, while promoting you, your services and products, your company, and your causes.


DIGITAL DELIVERY INFORMATION: These are digital files so no actual physical product will be shipping out. Once we personalize your selected cards, they will be returned in a .jpg format to the email associated with your order. Please make sure your email is correct before ordering. If you don’t receive them within three business days check your spam or junk email folders or contact us directly and we can resend them to you again.


Sorry, we do not create elevator pitches for customers. But we do have a link “How to Create an Elevator Pitch” with four people who taught me how to create such pitches. They’ll help you too.


We’re always looking for ways to improve our products and welcome any ideas you have.

EP8 Elevator Pitch

    1. If you haven’t already, download “Instructions for How to Submit Your Elevator Pitch” before or after you place your order and follow the directions.
    2. You must place your order before submitting your personalized information.
    3. Since your SwipeCards are being personalized, there is no immediate download. Once we personalize your .jpg ecard we will email it back to the email associated with your order within three business days.

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