Just Some of the 45 Ways to Get a Callback


  • Executives at 200 top companies say you’re eliminating yourself from consideration in the first fifteen minutes. And what to do to get to the sixteenth minute and stay.
  • Where management fails in teaching new skills.
  • The myth that enthusiasm sells and will get you a callback.
  • Red flags, bluffing and the inability to close.
  • If you sell to those with a “C” in their title, chances are you’re not selling what they’re buying and you won’t be called back.
  • NEVER ask to pick and expert’s brain over lunch! Are you crazy!?
  • What my billionaire boss taught me about how to find good salespeople.
  • Edgar Allan Poe has a lesson for how to get you remembered and move ahead of the competition.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have the best product, service or price in the world. Unless you have a monopoly, if people don’t like you they’ll never buy from you.
  • The Cheese technique shown to me by a Dallas saleswoman is the best technique I’ve ever learned for getting a callback. The best. Period.

Sales Psych

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