Just Some of the 45 Ways to Put It Together


  • “Was I married to you in a former life?” Malcolm Gladwell shows how a male pilot and female air traffic controller illustrate the importance of being direct in your communications.
  • New information results in new decisions.
  • Why some people can sell services better than products.
  • Why money-back guarantees increase sales.
  • If you can’t sell yourself, what makes you think you can sell a service or product?
  • If you can’t seem to make headway with the prospect, what to look for to make a breakthrough and the question to ask.
  • Dr. Nalini Ambady says that trust trumps your service, product and price because 71% of the purchasing decision is based upon trust between the buyer and seller.
  • Your clothes not only send a message; they change your attitude.
  • Three ways to create a good first impression.
  • Harvard professor finds one word, not 100 reasons, will get people to do what you ask.

Selling Doesn't Come with Instructions

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