Send Us Your Humor

We're looking for touches of humor to add to our OffKilter eCard collections. Here's how to submit:

  1. The humor must be original. Not ha-ha comedy club stuff. No motivational poster quotes either. You’re better than that. Maybe it’s something you overheard. Or a satirical retort to a ridiculous statement. How about an embarrassing slip of the tongue that stopped everyone dead in their tracks? It could be a quirky observation about an event. Did your child say or do something at school that got you called to the principal’s office? What made you laugh so hard you cried?

  2. Keep it around 25 words. Best if words written somewhat in order. We have an English major who finally gets to use his degree and will ruthlessly edit your submission until it sounds credible, even if he has to add a word or two to make you look smarter and funnier than you think you are.

  3. Make it fun or funny. Not necessarily a knee-slapper. Just fun. There are times to be serious. This isn’t one of them. Keep it apolitical. Political jabs are too easy – and controversial. That, and 50% of the people will hate you for saying it.

  4. G-rated. Something that won’t mortify your kids or grandkids.

  5. See our Knucklehead, Rx Humor Therapy, or Smartypants cards for ideas of what we’re looking for in quotes. See Lukitup to submit your definitions of words and phrases. We’ll create the card. If we use your contribution, we give you credit by including your name on the card. Sorry. No compensation. Just the fame of saying you’re a published writer. With your submission you’re agreeing to give us permission to use it on any of our cards.

  6. We are unable to acknowledge all submissions. But if we do select yours, we’ll notify you and let you know when your card will be published. We will send you a free jpeg of your card that you can brag about to all your friends and then post on your social media platforms, put in your emails, include in your newsletters, or post on your blog or website. We will also post it on our platforms.

  7. Email your submission to Jerry Hocutt at Put “OffKilter Humor” on the subject line so it won’t be spamified.

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