Submission Requirements

  1. Email your submission to Jerry Hocutt at Subject line: “Things Changed”. Or you can submit through the form here.

  2. In 260 characters (one paragraph of approximately 50 words) state what was said to you in the first sentence. Then (optional) expand on what changed.

  3. You can make multiple submissions because many things are said in our lifetimes that change us; but send each separately.

  4. This is going to be a FREE PDF book that will be given to anyone who wants it once it’s published.

  5. As a PDF book, you can have up to three social media sites that people can click on to follow or contact you.

  6. Your name is included. If you furnish your city, state, country they will also be included.

  7. We do not create, correct or edit your submission. We don’t expect you to be an English major, writer or author. It’s your words and how you express yourself that makes this book authentic.

  8. Many, but not all, submissions are accepted. We’ll notify you by email when yours is.

  9. If you have friends, family, co-workers, or social media followers who might be interested in sharing their answers, feel free to forward this guide or our website to them.

  10. None of your information is sold, given to, or shared with anyone.

Interview Submission

Thank you for your submission

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