The Hardest Thing to Do in Business

"I could sell to anybody, if I could just get in front of them first."

In the forty-plus years I’ve been in sales, I’ve seen only one referral program and one customer retention program. Both by Joe Girard and described in his best seller How to Sell Anything to Anybody. Joe was the Guinness Book of World Records number one car salesperson in the world.

As a salesman at the then Fortune 1000 McCaw Communications in Seattle, I modified his “bird dog kit” program and his “I like you” cards program to lead the nation for all four years in new business found through referrals and customer retention. (I also led the nation in new business found through cold calling, but that’s another story.) I was McCaw’s number one salesperson in the nation for our division for three years.

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After leaving McCaw I started my own national sales training seminars focused on business development and have met with thousands of businesspeople across America for over twenty years who shared their frustrations, techniques and ideas for getting in front of customers.

During a Dallas seminar break the top saleswoman with her company shared their most successful technique for getting appointments. They buy hundreds of Spencer Johnson’s book Who Moved My Cheese? from the publisher and send them to principals with this note: "This book tells the importance of change. Only takes an hour to read. I'll call next week and see what you think." She said everyone likes a free gift, it gets their foot in the door, and their calls are always taken. Their strategy has led to record-breaking sales.

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It was her idea coupled with Jeff Slutsky's Streetfighting ideas on advertising and cross-promotions that led to the creation of my QuickRead! books that include your name and logo on the cover and your one-page ad inside. Actually, the QuickRead! books are several of my 20-minute presentations I’ve given to hundreds of companies across the country. And it was Girard’s “I like you” cards that led to the creation of the ItsAlittleFunny.

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To make business development easier and more fun I’ve created programs combining your social networking platforms and email with our ItsAlittleFunny, QuickRead! PDF books, and Smartypants personalized eCards. Anyone in your company – sales, marketing, service, management, executives, and administration – can promote your company, introduce new services and products, and increase customer retention and referrals by using our products. People will look forward to hearing from you. You’ll get your foot in the door. It’ll be fun. Promise.

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